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We are the fastest growing organization of today, Telemate Technologies gives you great growth prospects, the opportunity to work with brilliant minds and a diverse range of high-profile clients, as well as an ideal work-life balance.
Become part of a rewarding journey of human-machine collaboration, using a combination of human creativity & intellect, data and powerful algorithms. Work on transformation projects at some of the biggest and most respected global companies while being part of a positive, passionate and fun-filled work culture.

You like tech, love coffee and have the passion to innovate.

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Inclusion and Diversity

At Telemate we believe in nurturing an inclusive and diverse work environment that is not only beneficial for business but also fosters deeper trust and commitment from employees.

Growth and Opportunity

We empower employees to produce better results and meet their goals throughout the year by keeping them motivated and productive.

Constant Learning

We encourage employees to pursue their curiosity and foster the lifelong learning instinct to keep up with the advancements of today's world.

Build Network

In the quest for building an agile organization, we aim to turn jobs into highly specialized roles by building a dynamic professional network with industry experts and leaders and focusing on experience and expertise.

Telemate Technologies is a fast growing company in the field of Information Technology & Digital Marketing. We are innovative and process oriented organization and believe in providing quality services to our clients and stand on our commitments.

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